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The Harvard Crimson

The Harvard Crimson

The difficulty with fetishizing Asian females

My pal scrolls through the pictures of a guy on Facebook. He’s white, life in a predominantly white neighbor hood, and went along to a predominantly white highschool. However in lots of his pictures, he’s combined with Asian ladies.

“Yes, he’s got yellowish fever,” my buddy verifies. No, maybe not the viral that is potentially fatal disease sent by infected mosquitoes, but alternatively a choice for Asian females. The word is most frequently ascribed to white males who appear to just ever date women that are asian.

Yellowish temperature is just a phenomenon that is widespread. In accordance with information gathered from online dating services, all guys except Asians like to romantically pursue women that are asian. In reality, there are lots of online dating sites especially tailored for white guys seeking to date women that are asian. There is certainly even a Tumblr we blog that compiles communications from “creepy white dudes with Asian fetishes.” Yellowish temperature has also been depicted in Debbie Lum’s documentary, looking for Asian Female, which has a look that is close relationships between white guys and Asian women.

So that the question that is real maybe maybe perhaps not whether white guys have choice for Asian females, but why? The solution differs dependent on that you ask. Some argue so it’s because Asian women can be more docile, submissive, and tame than their raucous and outbound Caucasian counterparts. Continue reading